The Matter of the Stoic Attitude

Stoic has been described for a demeanor of expressionless. And not in the positive light. Someone who has no emotion.



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Instead of all of these wonderful expressions a blank look…

This  is an emotional chart. Where feelings are widely expressed.

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It has also been described as not letting hardship affect them. They do not show feeling or do not complain. Is it a positive thing or a negative thing.

A google search brings up an image of Spock

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It could be in the context of the word. The connotation of the word vs denotation.

Project Upmost Integriy

Having strong convictions are important. And living by a moral code never cheating. Being consistent in the way of dealing with others.

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Wiling to say yes to this and no to that. Choosing for yourself core beliefs and not compromising.

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Whether they are popular or unpopular. Speak you truth and their will still be repercussions.

Core Values

Core Values


Purpose through A New Perspective

As we get older our experiences become fuller. We understand why things happened.

Through perspective and experience we are able to have a better understanding.


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The mistakes we make matter. They teach us lessons.


Purpose through a new perspective .

Hindsight is a splendid thing



Edgar Rider


Simple Sign Of Empathy

First Difference between Sympathy and Empathy.

Difference : Sympathy is the feeling compassion sorrow or pity for the hardship of another person’s encounters

Empathy is to feel what others are feeling to be in their shoes.

In other words : Seeing with the eyes of another

Listening with the ears of another

A simple example of Empathy: See a teacher on a playground they hit their head on the playground set. It is easy to misjudge it usually four foot tall people run in it. The teacher looks up.


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You immediately grab your head and make a noise. You have felt that pain before you know how much it hurts.

Are you ok you can automatically hear yourself say

Sign of Empathy Although extremely simple.


Passion is Enthusiasm to the Nth Degree





Passion is an extreme form of enthusiasm . It can be a good thing or a destructive unhealthy thing.

People have relationships full of passion we know the danger when it hits the nuclear degree

But lets think of it in the positive sense. What could you do ten hours a day and not want to throw yourself out of a window.

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Passion fuels career choices . Going up the ladder.

For some of us writers its in things like Getting  up in the middle of the night and writing  things down.

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The Nth Degree

By  Edgar Rider


Just Simply Always Walking Backwards

Thoughts on Eccentricity. Some believe that you are trying to go against the grain. Others think its defying rules. Others just realize some process information differently.

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Quirky nature eccentricity. It is not to be spiteful or rebellious.

It is naturally different thinking process. Walking backwards just seems right.




Sept 20th 2016

Attacked in bathroom by Down Syndrome kid don’t think he meant it he was smiling hitting me in the head. I wrestled with him to put his diaper on he laughed still hitting me in the face. He pulled my hair and showed his strength I fell to the floor as he made grunting noises not knowing how to talk.  I realized as I looked out the door his mom was standing outside. Picture this naked boy slapping a grown man as he struggles to put on his diaper and other undergarments . I joined his laughter not knowing what else to do.


Sept 27th Roommate came to door with powder over part of  her face and by nose area.

Was ranting and raving about boyfriends she brings over to house even said she would shoot one and then herself rather than be put away. She went in to the next room making funny noises screeching noises squeeking noises. I went closer to the bathroom saw her standing up but doing something in front of the mirror

Went back called 911. Thought she was on coke and was going to have some kind of seizure. Cops came and ambulance she came out of the bathroom appeared fine  carrying a bag of Diatomaceous earth. A pesticide that kills bugs. The two officers started discussing her claim that she was using it as a facial . One officer said he head heard of that the other said he never heard of such a thing. I was in shock and disbelief sure she was overdosing. My immediate perception diagnose was wrong.



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