Some Stories Teach People What Kind Of Person Not To Become (example Herb Maynard!)


Introducing Herb Maynard!

Herb Maynard grew up winning the unlucky lottery. Both his mother were abusive beyond most cases of Debauchery! His mother twisted his mind with lustful incestuous situations and his father taught him to kill.

Maynard started as a typical killer. He killed animals and tore out their insides.

He ran away from home and got involved with a bizarre cult. The leader Calon taught him to take advantage of the world.

Despite his environment and circumstances, there were a few people who tried to steer him on a more positive path. He chose to go further in his darkness because of the power he felt over others.

When he became an adult, he went on a killing spree. He eventually confronts a shelter group. The group has faced many of their own demons. Herb Maynard will realize this shelter group is willing to fight him even if it costs them their lives.

Check out these two stories Making Maynard and Playtime in the Desert in Transcending in the Fictional Burnout

Comeback Stories in Different Genres

Stories are all over genre map. Science fiction, action adventure, literary, speculative, and horror.

Transcending in the Fictional Burnout is a collection of comeback stories

All stories deal with overcoming adversity. Some of the stories teach living for a purpose and other stories teach what not to become.

These are tribute stories especially for Generation X

Start with dead end jobs Charred Fried Works

A Science Fiction story Plantation Playground is about an interactive playground that imdoctrinates children.

Two stories revolve around Herb Maynard. The first Making Maynard explores his troubled youth which leads him down a dark path. In Playtime in the Desert , Herb Maynard goes on a killing spree until he meets a shelter group. A brutal confrontation takes place where the shelter members try to Pay Evil Back.

In Bring Back Malone Action Adventure film crew tries to resurrect an action star. The film crew ends up in a real life action Adventure situation.

Shadows Fell Upon Me Speculative fiction explores shadows following students for a strange reason

Healing Hands Meant to Believe is aboit a man who loses his job and through spiritual faith finds an even better job fit.

Last story, Care 3 is about an elderly woman poet who finds her own version of peace after celebrating her life through her words.

5990 Book Grandparents Impact On The Family Inspires Storytelling

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Paul Fannin was a former Governor and U.S. Senator. He retired with his wife in 1977. Little did he know, he would be helping raising three grandchildren during his retirement years.

I lived with my brother and sister in Grandpa and grandma’s house numbered 5990.

Grandpa and grandma helped raise us and tried to teach life lessons to us which often fell on deaf ears.

There were many confrontations because of generational differences. Sometimes we

didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand us.

They did many things for us they wanted no part of like going to the comic book store

and taking us to Closed circuit Wrestlemania.

But we knew they loved us and we are forever grateful for all they did for the entire family.

5990 Book: A Tribute About Grandparents

It was in so many ways a wonderful time of innocence.






This is a story about paying tribute to grandparents who often don’t get the credit for all they do.

Do you suffer from Poetry Block?

Do you find it hard to begin or end or feel a poem is never complete?

Try these exercises look at the examples of subject matter in poetry to Stir Your Creativity!

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Flipside of the Familiar Synopsis

A funhouse mirror always reflects a different perception of what our eyes have believed about and for us.Just like that mirror under the surface topics that are brought to the surface or examined at an abstract angle must be talked about and pontificated on or at least regurgitated on a regular basis for the 3% that actually read this sort of thing. They all fit the message of exploring abstract subject matter through exercises.Would like to propose ‘Flipside of the Familiar’ a book of poems and speeches and other random philosophy geared towards providing somewhat incoherent messages that still help people maintain a sanity balance when most of the world seems aloof.One of the poems in here is titled Conundrum of Confabulation (published in Tuck Magazine and Oddball magazine. This poem explores the notion of kayfabe ( which in wrestling means suspended disbelief). Other poems include titles such as Melba Toast Kind of Feeling (published in Indiana Voice Journal, Krocodil in Bath Salt (vision With Voices) and Placebo Elixir Effect among other delights.There are also ridiculous motivational speeches on why we should Stay Awkward and stay out of the Trailer Park State of Mind mentality and many more absurdist thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes There is No Choice But To Trust In the Experience

679873142_dd7899dd56_bTrust in the experience!

In some experiences, we go along for the ride. It becomes clear that there is some reason we are in this situation and will end up ok. Not to be new age but there is a feeling the universe has our back. We let go in some areas of our lives to commit to a specific purpose. There is an old saying no risk no reward. 

It is a roller coaster of emotions when you don’t know how every aspect will turn out.

Let passion ride shotgun.



Trust in the Universe as Well

Can you think of a time where you had to let go and trust that things would work out?

Relinquishing Control Narrative For A Higher Creative Purpose New Book Riding Out The Kipling Effect

Ever been in a situation where you relinquished control in one area or many areas of your life for a specific purpose. Sort of sacrificing for something you believe is more meaningful?


This book Riding Out The Kipling Effect is about a journey I undertook. Well actually me and a friend. We lived in a an eccentric woman’s living room. Here is the synopsis:


Life in Carrie Kipling’s apartment was a constant struggle of daily uncertainty. Kipling’s life was in a state of turmoil mostly by her own doing . Her group of friends consisted of moochers, liars, prostitutes, and convicted felons. Her decision making process had deteriorated over time and became even more dangerous as she let anyone who she befriended control various aspects of her life . This was compounded by her anxieties that revolved around giving herself pesticide facials to get worms out of her face and lips. She also believed she was dying from black mold toxicity, even though it was only isolated to one small area in the room. She believed these ailments were destroying and killing her body, In this book, a narrative journey titled Riding Out The Kipling Effect.

My friend Muller and I lived in Kipling’s living room for a year. What started out as just a strange situation became a spiral out of control predicament where we needed to keep our senses. We both wanted to become writers for a living and were willing to give up comfort, space and belongings and even sanity to achieve our respective dreams . We jumped from our apartments and ended up on a couch and in a chair strapped ourselves along for the roller coaster ride of the Kipling Effect .

Little did we realize, that navigating through this would become the biggest challenge of our lives. The Downtown artistic scene , museums and libraries also provide a backdrop of inspiration for this particular journey. The juxtaposition between the surrounding dive bars and the posh clubs and restaurants presents a peculiar atmosphere full of contrary subject matter ripe for a storytelling environment. Eventually, I learned that the Kipling Effect had positive ramification as well and was the one necessary thing leading me down a necessary path towards authentic self discovery.

Winner On the Couch And Loser Who Owns Rolls Royce

It is a tough to explain how on the couch living is more long term succesful than just buying nice cars like a Lexus.Nobody ever gives a eulogy at a funeral just simply admiring the persons car or luxurious house.It is all about what they accomplished and who they helped and what they contributed too.Narrative legacy is about making your life interesting. It is about going for things and taking a risk. Sacrificing materialistic things for a bigger purpose.Stories become rich if people live a passionate life for a purpose rather than possessions.

Vending machine and Convenience solutions can possibly bypass crowds during Pandemic


During a crisis, most flood the grocery stores in an attempt to stock up from what they view as the impending apocalypse .  Not sure I get the toilet paper thing!  This feeling of doomsday has helped me realized that my method of using vending machines and Convenience stores may not be as normal as heading to the grocery store. In many ways, it might be  a way to bypass the crowds.


But sometimes it feels like we are in a survival phase trying to get through the madness to get our morning coffee as we ponder employment and other 

The convenience of coffee is the fuel that inspires my day. I am uninterested in collecting toiletries and personal hygiene items in this place .  It almost feels like these other methods are about becoming more resourceful in uncertain times.