Best Stories Of Your Life At Any Age

No matter where you are in life now is the time to tell the best story. Make them never forget. No matter how old and whatever   your situation today you could tell the most mind blowing story that will

make the rest of the people retell it long after you are gone.


As we grow older our stories get better and better with more perspective and life experience..



Picking up Little pieces and big pieces of info

It was tough throwing cardboard in the back of a room with no air conditioning. There was endless stacks of cardboard. It taught me if I wanted to be successful I was going to have to go after every bit of information big and small. Sometimes on my hands and knees grabbing pieces throwing it into a machine . Every bit helps who knows what will be that one piece of info that may help change momentum…..
Edgar Rider's photo.
More Boxes
Edgar Rider's photo.
As Soon as they are thrown more appear…
Edgar Rider's photo.
And even more still…
Edgar Rider's photo.
 Til you never want to see another piece of cardboard
the rest of the week!

Bigger than Yourself


Sometimes artist think of the world as a reflection of how they feel inside.However, that often does not translate into the outside world .

Artists are left pondering why their brilliant idea didn’t go far.

It’s because it did not leave themselves


Most ideas that become successful are bigger than the one person creating it. If you paint a painting and say please pay attention I have been in pain that may not translate as far as  to say this is my painting about my pain that can help others cope.


Gravitate and Elevate

Whatever we have a passion for it makes sense to gravitate towards places that support it . For example if you are into the arts find places like bars, coffee shops and performing arts centers .

Anyplace that values art.

skydiving Quite simply a basic appreciation .


It should be obvious many places have no appreciation .

After that it makes sense to elevate situation go up . Reach a higher level and  get your work to another level.



Confessions of A Constant Struggler

Does life feel like a constant struggle. Work Day Jobs. Everything is a struggle. Relationships.



Constant struggle nothing makes you happy. Wish  everything were different. What would it be like to wake up to a dream job.

Doing something you are 100 percent passionate about?



Forgot about Dreams . Don’t think you deserve it.



I understand have felt the same way. But now the world is at our fingertips. Everything is out there for us.



Yes , We deserve it too.



Edgar Rider