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Don’t Tell Me Couch Potato Catastrophe In The Making

Sitting on the couch playing Grand Theft Auto never got anybody anywhere.

Maybe past level three but..

Have you ever been to a funeral and somebody said I really admired them because they watched tv all day?

Can’t say you. But wondering do some people give a eulogy about it?

No it does not happen. People admire others because of their accomplishments.

So let’s make a pact to get off the couch and go do something productive..

The couch is tempting. The couch has an allure. We all need sleep.

But if we stay there day in and day our. We know what our future holds.

It holds nothing.

Be careful how long you spend we all need those moments to relax and unwind and get away from life.

You have two choices stay on that couch and waste the day or go out and try and create more opportunities for yourself. You are more powerful than at times you believe.

Quick Body Slamming Finish to Figure Out Who You Are Or Who You Never Really Want To Be

Create A Professional Wrestling Gimmick or Persona Based On Your Own Personality Or The Oppposite?

I have created a few Bob Eager for example

Self help guru who gives people questionable advice.

Sometimes I qould tell peoople I am Mr. Authenticity and then claim Don’t be jealous

I spend a lot if my time telling people how authentic I am. The question is how authentic are you if you have to tell people you are ?

When I call myself something like Mr Authenticity it is a bit playful. I know I am not always authentic in every single way. Think of some wrestlers, remember Mr Perfect is he really perfect? No he is a great wrestler but no one is perfect. It’s a way of being playful to the audience. It is his way of playing an arrogant bad guy .

It’s part of creating a playful persona..

Another one I created I refer to as Professional Eye Candy.

‘I’m not just Candy yum yum’. Do I really think I’m some kind if visually stunning specimen? No of course not.

It’s my way of talking about body image and the reliance on looks.

Enough about me.

Now it’s your turn..

Create your own character or characters that could accentuate your greatest strengths or biggest weaknesses .

What’s your persona or gimmick ?

To recap create a wrestling persona or gimmick that exemplifies a part of your personality? Or show your darker side and the traits that concern you.

Either way it is cathartic and can help you come up with more stories to tell in a distinct voice.

Is it you or the complete opposite of who you want to be ?

Maybe your thinking this exercise is just not up your alley.

Not a wrestling fan but still ready for a next step. Let’s cater it to your own goals

Start Here

One Method Of Changing Paycheck Mindset Plasma Donation Anyone

When ‘Blood Money’ Is Potentially A Good Thing

There were times I didnt know what to do about money. Had to stop a certain kind of bleeding. It was of the financial variety . Ever been in one of those moments where you were spending money but nothing is coming in. Felt like you had to stop the bleeding. Well here is an example of stopping bleeding by giving up your blood at least a part of it.

The Usual Way Is Not As Much Fun okay maybe just too conventional.

What I am referring to is we are taught to punch the clock for a paycheck.

Work a paycheck job for eight hours maybe 5 days a week .

It gets you a steady check but nothing beyond it.

It is time to change our mindset.

This is an example of trying some other methods to make money out of the box.

No it should not be a regular thing more of a temporary solution for a tough time .

Consider this method just practice…

Finally blood money may help you think of note options instead if relying on standard 9 to 5 shifts..

Not sure about this method. Click here and let’s have a discussion on your specific journey towards your particular passion..

Phase 3: No Need To Become A Digger For Pertinent Resources

This is the Digging and Compiling Of Writing Resources So You Don’t Have To..

Here are some resources one of the most well known resources pwoppe should begin with is, the biggest of all The Writers Market

It is a comprehensive resource of every single genre places to submit and it includes how they want you to submit as well.

Queries Shouldn’t Make You Cringe Even If They Are Tedious

Writing query letters. Query letters are a short one page synopsis of your idea with a hook and your qualifications.

One Method The Query Letter

Step Further Go Deeper With Your Work More Thorough Book Proposals

Some publishing companies prefer you send a Book proposal . These can contain summaries or synopsis of your work. And Chapter Titles and Target audience ideas as well as a few Chapters itself. Each one is different so check specific guidelines and try to stick to them.

Here is one example:

Creating A Book Proposal

Some other subjects we will discuss:

Where to submit to your specific genre?.

What about Dealing with Rejection.

Let’s discuss further.

Phase 2: Intentness of your Craft

The Need To Express Ourselves Should Be Respected and Encouraged

What is the purpose of our art?

The big why?

Why do you want to tell stories? Or write articles.?

How About We Get Knee Deep In Some Techniques…

Lets think about Plot and storyline characters and structure. how do you begin and end a piece?

How much time do you spend writing?

What is your genre is it science fiction it or fantasy ?

Or do you write psychology articles or educational tips ?.

Or maybe writing a Memoir book?

What are some concerns hard time finishing stories or Editing?

Can’t get a Word down on paper?

Trouble regardung the Outline of plot or characters?

Could you write a One paragraph synopsis or even a One sentence tag line?

Do you have a friend to understands you can show material to?

One suggestion : Community meet up group.

Decide best on how to increase your craft immersion ..

Let’s rap about it

Phase 1: Day to Day Routine

Daily Math Formulas To Make Progress With Writing

The first phase is how we make the most out of our day. What are the distractions we face from tv , social media or video games etc..?

Writing down how we spend our day from least productive to most constructive. Have you tried calling out your distractions as distractions ‘OUT LOUD’!

Here We Go Getting Through That 9 to 5 kind of life. Plenty of things to do from housework to errands. How do we prioritize? Think of things that distract.

Some of you though you were done with math class. Relax no quadratic formula rehashing here . We are going to apply simple formulas for daily activity . When you write your day down.

Here is an example already published .