What do you wished you had learned in High school that would help you as a writer

We all learned certain things in high school.  But now, upon reflection,  some things  ‘hindsight things’ that  just seem  like common sense were just back then left out of the equation.

So what is really important to you now that just wasn’t back then?  Focus on the artistic!


Question What Resources Do You Use For Your Writing?

You could simply state family and friends for support those type of resources are important.

But go even further do you use Writers Market or New Pages or Poets and Writers Guild or Every Writers Resource or other sources?


What do you use for Query Letters?

Here are some samples

Non fiction


For Fiction



And Book Proposals?

Here are some samples



What The World Needs Now Is More Confrontation? Yes and No!

How assertive are you when dealing with sketchy people?

Of course confronting one of your Personal Demons is not always easy or those demons around you..

Image result for demon

Image result for confrontation
Sometimes there may come a time when you need to fight back.
Certain types of people only know one way.
You may need to get more aggressive or assertive depends on the situation
Are you not ready to delve into the mix
Let’s start more simply..
Brand new day A new Narrative Legacy for you awaits ..

Click.here for your voice to be heard..

Authentic You- Do You Know Who You Really Are

How much time have you spent exploring the REAL YOU! Have you thought about where you come from and what is truly important to you.Have you written it down. Did you dig deep or are you always giving people surface answers to why you do things. Do you knee jerk I want to be famous or rich to the question What do you really want?


Do you think about connecting with others or collaboration or contribution. Do you want to be a part of something? Do you want to help others?

Jail Key To Unlock Your Self Surrender

There comes a time when we must face a change that will lead us towards our dreams and goals. What are the things holding us back? What self defeating habits do we have that prevent us from achieving our dreams?


How can we let go to start living the life we always wanted.





Surrender those things to a prison a jail of sorts.


Let them spend the rest of their days there while you have broken free.


Is it things abut how you feel about yourself that you can’t do things. It isn’t in the carsds for you but it is for others.


Do you not deserve it. Is it whatt others told you in school.

Was it the world that picked on you?


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