Why so Reluctant In Creating An Online Presence

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Wouldn’t it be great to Google your name and up pops up images of yourself first.
Some people come up with ring names or stage names to help promote themselves or go in a certain direction
Maybe you come up with a nickname or want to call yourself Mr. Fantastic or Ms. Splendid
Of course if you try for Mr. Fantastic you have competition with the leader of the Fantastic Four.
But you could do a synonym search and find one that does fit. Google it and see if someone else has cornered the market.
I use Mr. Authenticity and attach it to the name  Bob Eager .
Mr. Perfect was not perfect he was just a good wrestler. But many bought it because he was so good that people understood why he called himself Mr Perfect. He embodied that need to be a perfect wrestler.
If you decide to use your real name hopefully it is not John Smith because you will never takeover that name. Maybe John P Smith might work better although it might be time for a clear name change. 
Of course having a blog using the name is definitely one way and owning a website domain name. But there are other ways
Partly  by making sure your  social media profiles use the name. Write articles under the name or even poetry for literary online journals always incorporate a bio . Imagine an obscure poetry journal from Nova Scotia now places your idea in an unlikely place. Who knew poetry journals could help with SEO tactics.
There are literary magazines with a high volume of readers and some with very little. Check the journal out visit its submission guidelines. Or articles for well known magazines in Educational industry marketing. Time to improve your credentials.
What about for a concept, idea it is a similar process. Deciding where to 
There are many ways to claim your name or infiltrate or takeover so that you show up more times than anyone else. Especially when you show up in many different types of websites, platforms . create a Narrative legacy today . You own  or should at least try to.
Disrupt it. Infiltrate it at the very least!
Mindset Repeated ….
I own!

18 Holes of Writing Course Life

18 Holes Of Writing Life

Before,  you automatically start thinking I am a fan of golf think again. Never cared much for the game personally but I did grow up on a golf course. It was fun driving a golf cart around and eating in the snack shop. However, I did not like actually playing the game much. I can draw an analogy as it relates to the game of writing.


Whether you are a fan or not there are some things that struck me. Many of the challenges on the golf course can be applied to the hurdles faced in writing. Not only that but the process itself.


Whether it is eighteen holes or usually much more, you have to go through the course til the end to feel completely satisfied. Yes, some only play 9 holes but you know they would rather finish the course.  



Don’t get me started on some of the golf concepts like bogies and birdies . If you are unfamilialr with these terms a bogie is when you go over the par and it is a  bad thing. A birdie is when you go under which is a good thing. In other words, Each hole has a certain number say Par 3.



Don’t fall into the sandtrap. Sandtrap is a place on the course that your ball can fall into. There is a penalty for this.  And also watch out for the lake if your ball falls into that of course you can’t get it but will have to put a new ball somewhere near it..

  1. Journey begins stay on the path hope it is smooth. In writing its submit without rejections.
  2. Struggle continues its a long game. Have not heard back from anyone but keep going.
  3. Next still trying
  4. At the fourth hole everybody tries to really focus on their game. No matter what has happened you still have a chance to get back in the game. Same with writing early in the process despite rejection notices.
  5. Have hope it is still early. Look at writing as a journey with many challenges.
  6. Feels like you are getting somewhere but more work needs to be done.
  7. Keep track of your score. Remember all the places you have submitted to or email contacts.
  8. It may get tiring at this point. Still early. May not hear back from anyone but keep going
  9. Look past the current hole and see the bigger picture. Don’t get completely caught up in what is happening now.
  10. Stay in the game some will never start or finish. Same said for writing.
  11. Stay out of those traps they are at every hole. Resist the urge to quit.
  12. Focus keep your head down while putting. Same with writing focus on the main goal.
  13. Listen to tips others give. Research others who are successful learn how they played the game.
  14. Use your arsenal of clubs. With writing recognize all of your resources and acquire more no matter how many you already have.
  15. How are the others playing the game. Reassess your strategy. Same in writing may need a different approach try queries and proposal options.
  16. Keep looking ahead not fart o the finish a couple more to go pick up pace. Keep going despite rejections when you get feedback it means you are closer.
  17. End for now is in sight. It becomes harder if no progress is made. Should you move on to a new project?
  18. Progress has been made but it is always on to the next course.

Time To Turn Yourself In To Your Own Self Surrender Center

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 Time To Turn Yourself In To Your Own Self Surrender Center


Some people call a place of confinement  the slammer or the pokey or the clink or simply a  prison or jail cell depending on the jargon they use for  a detention center.

Couldn’t we place all of those petty traits into a cell and let go of destructive behavior and the things that hold us back. Sometimes we have to let go and Change. We cannot stay the same. It can be the hardest thing. After all, who we are now is all we know.

Some of the reasons we give or believe these things are happening to us are  what are referred to as surface reasoning.

There is more too it and digging deeper helps us uncover the real underlying reasons we must face and leave behind..

There is another term called Deep end or what is called Core reasoning , in this place  we find there is a whole new purpose in the lessons that we learn.

These things are much harder to determine on the surface it takes actual thinking and deep reflection to determine the real reason for this predicament .  We need this time of introspection to uncover the truth so we don’t repeat the behavior in a destructive pattern.

Self defeating mindset or the things we put ourselves down for. The insecurities we feel what we believed we did not deserve.

I ended up in jail after being convicted of a DUI. It was one day of retrospection.. It was only one day but enough to see that it was not worth disrupting purpose.  Not much else to do sit and stare at walls . It was easy to think I did not deserve this. Why is this happening ? This has no real meaning. One simple lesson. I was learning to become stronger.  Not much can break me .

Even if it seems senseless.  Even if it seems we did not deserve to go through this. Despite this we can become more.

They will only help us grow stronger and move the mountains we had always told ourselves was possible. There is no other way to end this  but with a simple final word at the end of a sentence.

And the aforementioned word becomes crucial and that one word is simply put ‘resilience’.


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First One off the Island- Strategy In Assessments

They need a better strategy in taking assessments. Students I work with don’t work well on a team sometimes or they are always late. Or they think it is ok to steal and lie at a job. They fill out an assessment inconsistently. All of over the place Sometimes, Not likely or Never and answer the same question differently.



They won’t last long.
They are that first person booted off the island. They won’t make it even to the interview stage.

I want to tell them Get your Game Face on Play the Game..


Become the Last Person Standing ..


Making Maynard and Charred Fried Works

Two ideas that I am compelled to finish…


One is Making Maynard which is actually a prequel to Playtime in the Desert. It is a story of a maniac named Herb Maynard who finds a bunch of people in a shelter in the middle of the desert and tries to eliminate them one by one.

It may seem like a typical horror story except for things like Death by cactus, a horse syringe and a 65 year old hunter couple that tries to stop Maynard’s spree.

Maynard’s upbringing was horrific but nothing in his background completely explains the horror he inflicts!


The other is Charred Fried Works which is based on a true story of working in a burger joint.

I have turned the story into real life fables and changed the names and ideas that were based on real pop  culture figures . These stories become exaggerated sort of like Big Fish meets Waiting about the restaurant industry.

It felt like being in a live action adult cartoon with sketchy scenarios interchanged with Pop culture of the time.

Of course names have been changed to protect the innocent as well as the extremely guilty.