Is It A Freak Out Apprehension to Just Not Commit

Always lies deep inside a fear to commit .
Sometimes we believe it shoukd stay hidden underneath.

It isn’t worth upsetting ourselves .

A dark cloud pervades your mind saying why bother. Quit being so foolish. Art will never get you anywhere. The voice in your head is a lie.

Sometimes we stop before the story has ended. We put it back on the shelf.

Fear is a dream crippled. Fear is a stopper of progress .

We can finish what we started. There is no other real choice.

No need to feed the freak out apprehension!


Time Out For The Beauty Of Poetic Wordplay : An Appreciation 

The pen wields the power express my inner world outward .  Most positive imaginative words to convey an optimistic  possible forward motion journey. 

Birds have few cares. Basic needs surround their day no worries about the impending future or  foregone past.

Beauty that is all around us while we are alive . The moment is seized and peaceful tranquility ensues. 

Life can be so simple but what more could be this effective . Live for the momentary  words that surround and invade our present state of awareness.

Helping the Struggling Start Up Person Find That Audience With Cody Lardizabal

Switching gears slightly let’s learn a little more about marketing aspects and career options from a known strategist.

Interview with Cody Digital Marketing Strategist for Coaches


Do you have any advice for people who are struggling trying to make a living towards their passion who feel in certain ways they are making progress with their goals  but also deal with too much being stuck in the meantime?
For this question, we also have to be realistic and practical enough on how to manage things. “Being stuck” can be tricky and it has a lot of possible root causes why this might happen.
Ideally, we’d love to have a steady state income with what we are passionate to do but success would not happen overnight. Realistically, one would still strive especially for those who are starting.
Imagine this, you can be stuck financially because you do not have much money to pay your bills. You can also be stuck because you do not have enough fanbase or clientele to grow your business. You might just end up getting depressed since your so-called goals are not materializing.
I would prefer to always analyze the situation. Have a safety net.
For those financially stuck and struggling, it won’t hurt if you would still have a 9 to 5 job which you might not fully love but would still give you a stable income while running your side gig which you are passionate of, in this case, your coaching business.
For those who might be stuck in terms of audience or business growth, get a mentor and seek advice from the experts. Having one is a great investment.
Remember, building a brand and a business would take some time. There are those who are lucky enough to grow it quickly due to word of mouth or referrals but there are those who might still be struggling.
You would have to be wise enough to manage all these struggles and failures (especially if you’d find out that you’ll soon be broke – LOL). At the end of the day, these struggles and failures has to be embraced in order to be successful.
Do not get me wrong, ideally you will be more effective on what you are passionate about but in reality, you might realize that what your own passion is not enough to sustain you in a practical perspective.
So have that financial safety net and at the same time, you can run your “passion business” until it grows. Once the “passion business” has grown, it can be enough to sustain your needs and pay your bills ~ LOL. It’s a matter of being wise enough to have a plan A to plan Z.
How much time do you spend on researching  your field? Do you stimulate those intellectual muscles everyday or how often? And do you feel there is such a thing as competition or does everyone need to prove themselves on their own merits?
Honestly, I do not quantify time. If you love what you are doing, it feels like you are not working at all.
Of course you have to start to work your day right. Personally, I go to the gym or dip in the pool to exercise the muscles then “brain cells” will follow (LOL).
It’s also a matter of building the right habit and being disciplined. I might not the perfect person to say it but at least, I am getting there.
I am not a big fan of competition. At the end of the day, there is just a lot of people who may be doing the same exact thing that I do but I would rather do a collaboration or build a profitable relationship with partners.
There are millions of businesses and solopreneurs out there. Online marketing, project management and virtual assistance work are also endless. Such service can always come in handy.
But in order to be of someone of value, that is where specialization comes in where you won’t be specializing on everything or else you might be perceived as a generalist.
That’s where collaboration comes in. One fills in the gap of another.
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What are some of  the  beginning circumstances and challenges you feel people face when they first decide to commit to their passion? In terms of Coaches and Speakers what are the main issues they have when Starting up there business?
Definitely growth stage is a paint point. I have also noticed that marketing and lead generation is another challenge.
Marketing oneself is an entirely different step from the coaching practice itself but one has to understand their own mission and what their vision is for building a business — and this is where most people are failing. They build their businesses either without a mission-vision or just for the sake of making money out of it since “it’s a trend”.
For a coaching business or a service provider, one has to have that heart of helping others – not simply grab someone’s money out of his or her pocket. At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships and helping each other out to be successful.
I have encountered some coaches, especially the new ones, who would think of profits and ROI right away. In such case, I think it should start with the proper mindset and attitude. One should have a genuine and innate spirit of giving value and helping others.
As long as you have developed that attitude, you would become a person of influence and people would love you of who you are. The more trusted you become, the more relationship built, the more that a business can be successful.
What have you learned on your career journey that is helped you on your latest service  endeavor as far as helping Coaches and Speakers?
It was just recent that I myself have that “I need my ROI ASAP” mindset – and that is what I changed ASAP. I had to learn how to give value. I remember known people in Facebook within the coaching and speaker niche, Rocco Luongo and Marc Mawhinney, advising on a webinar to read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” – and that is what I am reading right now.
One thing that I noticed that we fail to do is identifying how we can serve and help our target audience. My personal mantra for this year is “Giving Value”. Once you have this, the rest will follow.
We may run paid advertising, we may be marketing ourselves a lot but giving value, making it consistent and a genuine help should be enough as a differentiator among the crowd.





Life Root Damaging Escapism Chute 

Don’t like your job. How about an escape chute ? It won’t help change your life but it will numb the pain with a little escapism.

We don’t realize how much time we are wasting in things that truly dont matter to us as far as living dreams and such. 

As we watch tv and play video games we take up time.

We hear alot about the garbage we put in our bodies but much less about the garbage we feed our minds with.

Endless space and time a soaring cone of  living span toxic waste. 

Garbage goes into the pit… and is of no use. 
Imagine it going into black hole …

What are we feeding our minds? Useless escapism entertainment. There is nothing wrong with some tv relaxation time. But when it becomes a three hour daily habit and we only spend thirty minutes on our art, we then have a problem. 
Where did your energy go? Do we have anything left? Battery depleted?

Time is important.  Spend the day being less counterproductive and more time being constructive our ideas deserve nothing less.