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Transcendent Themes vs Relevant Contemporary Issue Culture


Transcendant themes are not rooted in the time period subject matter that is always there. Dealing with difficult people is a transcendent theme subject it is always there.

Contemporary Issue culture are about what is happeneing now and revolve around political and social issues. They can be popular in the present but they lose interest over the long haul.


Which do you chose to write about two examples James Thurber and Hunter Thompson

Thompson focused some of his work on the Campaign Trail of 1972. How much of us are interested in that now. But he is still revered in counter culture circles.

James Thurber stories about daily struggles dealing with next door neighbors and other family struggles and dynamics.

AS writers we can chose which direction.

Are you a transcendant them writer or a contemporary relevant issue culture storyteller?

Downside Contemporary issues do not go past the time period they are in and can become extremely dated

Longevity and Legacy towards a transcendat state or is it more important for you to fight for certain issues that are relevant to the time period you are currently living in .

What would it take to cross the finish line ?

What would it take to get your ideas to cross over . What is preventing fear of failure or success? Do you feel it’s never completed what if I come up with something better? Could it be a series . Imagine if it is the first one in the series and it can always be continued.

Every idea could always be edited for or added to. Will people get the main point and understand the specific details? What more do you need to add. Your work deserves to.have an official ending.

Time to Cross over don’t you think?

What are the Writing Hurdles In Your Life



What hurdles are you facing in your writing life?

Are you not sure of the resources available?

Are you having trouble with your daily routine and finding the time?

Are there so many distractions , worries and excesses that your day ends feeling counterproductive?

Do you wish you could commit more to the craft of your writing?


Do you not know the process of sending stories out? ( The format of how they want it)

Are you intimidated about querying publishers or magazines about your work?


Let’s discuss: