Project Value on The Outside

When you come up with an idea project outside of yourself how much they mean. Approach them like you always fall in love with your ideas. Begin to fight for them. Believe in them. They are your ideas they have value.

They are not a one time meaning.

Don’t care what it is if you write it down it has value. Poem story, essay , phrase , or slogan..

Find the Meaning…



Post over and again everywhere you can think of .

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They are your ideas

It is Mindset. Everytime you approach your ideas that they matter. They have value every time.

Say thank you to your ideas.


Don’t leave them in the trash.


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Translation through Connection, Contribution and Collaboration

For the best chance at having the greatest impact with our ideas.




Finding the relation with others on an emotional level can be essential. Spend time thinking about who your audience is why would they be into this.

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Is the giving of our gifts. What is the purpose of your art? Are you trying to give information. Are you trying to make others smile or laugh and have a better day. Are you trying  to make something easier for people  or provide an awareness.

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Who can you find that will work with you?  Who could help you spread your ideas and what roles could you give them. Most successful adventures contain some type of collaboration . Working together for a greater purpose…


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Ask one question….

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Identity Character Building

Character Building can be a double entendre. It  means building your personal character in terms of becoming the more authentic you . It also mean building a character based off your own personality. Actually, there are many more ways to look at this it could be a siete entendre.

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There are several exercises that can help you on that path to self realization.. We will explore family background ,influences, hobbies, work experiences among other things.

Why do this? It can help stir your creativity, can be therapeutic in your life struggles,

can be empowering, help you on a career path that fits your passion,  if you are artistic it can help you create a persona.


Break it down it can be thought of in different word orders.  This can be known as Antimetabole.

Character Identity Building
This is Living in with what is referred to as an Authenticity Integrity code. You are who you say you are. You know who you are and you project out there your true self.

This takes practice and introspection to discover your core.

Building Character Identity
This is where your personal self feels a sense of Empowerment. Focuses on  self esteem. It is okay to be who you are understand why you are passionate about the things you care about.


Building Identity Character
This is where we spend time developing a character based off your own personality. One way is by creating an Alter ego. This can be your darker side or can an explore a different direction.

Identity Building Character
It can help begin Stirring your creativity.  Similar to Building it is Deciding to go in two different directions. Not with a specific character in mind but wanting to write under a different name. Writing historical Non fiction and Children’s books you may decide to write under two different names to keep them separated.
Character Building Identity
Help you decide on a specific Career path self discovery. Are you living a dream or living for a  paycheck. There are exercises to discover where you are passionate at and where you are talented.

Identity Character Building
For those who are artistic you may have a day job that seems contradictory with a night time passion 2 Sides of Self. Are you living in a Paradox and expressing both sides.

Learn how to express both sides.





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So, there are many ways to Build your own Character…

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Revel In Being Part of the Art Scene

It could be stated that his means part of a scene. As in part of movie , play or book. It means be involved..


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However , it  means going it alone does not work. Become part of a scene or create your own. Connect with others and help them . Collaborate with other artists .


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Don’t just be on the outside looking out ..

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Universe is Skeptical of Our Commitment

Make sure you are doing something everyday to send a message to the Universe.


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Universe thinks of us like a child who wants a cat or puppy. We ask our parent can we have one please. The parent says ‘Are you Really going to take care of it. Clean its poop up and feed it  and give it water.


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Will take our idea like a rocket but only if we are committed.

Just like a parent the universe is skeptical if we approach it ‘wishy washy’ the universe does not respond. It only helps with day to day consistent action .


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