If Time is an Issue with Your Writing, What is the biggest Problem in That Area?

In other words , are you distracted by other things like television, social media or video games? Or do you work insane hours or random hours? Do you have children and families to take care of?


What The World Needs Now Is More Confrontation? Yes and No!

How assertive are you when dealing with sketchy people?

Of course confronting one of your Personal Demons is not always easy or those demons around you..

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Sometimes there may come a time when you need to fight back.
Certain types of people only know one way.
You may need to get more aggressive or assertive depends on the situation
Are you not ready to delve into the mix
Let’s start more simply..
Brand new day A new Narrative Legacy for you awaits ..

Click.here for your voice to be heard..

Authentic You- Do You Know Who You Really Are

How much time have you spent exploring the REAL YOU! Have you thought about where you come from and what is truly important to you.Have you written it down. Did you dig deep or are you always giving people surface answers to why you do things. Do you knee jerk I want to be famous or rich to the question What do you really want?


Do you think about connecting with others or collaboration or contribution. Do you want to be a part of something? Do you want to help others?

Jail Key To Unlock Your Self Surrender

There comes a time when we must face a change that will lead us towards our dreams and goals. What are the things holding us back? What self defeating habits do we have that prevent us from achieving our dreams?


How can we let go to start living the life we always wanted.





Surrender those things to a prison a jail of sorts.


Let them spend the rest of their days there while you have broken free.


Is it things abut how you feel about yourself that you can’t do things. It isn’t in the carsds for you but it is for others.


Do you not deserve it. Is it whatt others told you in school.

Was it the world that picked on you?


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Lottery Worth Playing Gambling On Passion

I see so many people at the Circle K scrambling at the counter scratching tickets and then cashing them in only to get more playing the lottery Powerball hoping to get 500 million.

In my eyes, there is only one Gambling endeavor worth going for. That is playing for passion and taking a chance on a dream . People are so obsessed with taking a chance on some ludicrous amount of money.

When the one thing they would have a better chance is in a career that gives them fulfilment and happiness.

Which will you gamble for?

Unless, happiness to you is a Lexus and a two story house with a moat in front of it we know that contest isn’t even close.

Announcement Official Website Blog Transfer But Will Keep Blog At Least Until They Take It Off



Due to lack of funds and not understanding all the shiny objects on WP I am primarily using this website and blog as well:




Just in case you can’t see it. Or miss it. Or were watching TV or Playing video games or arguing with people on Social media.


Guess I ‘m not understanding the plug in thing or the transfer follower thing.


Will continue to post on here in the near future. If anybody has any advice I am all ears…


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